Councillors comment on Freeview TV reception problem

Residents are told that the issue will resolve itself shortly
Residents are told that the issue will resolve itself shortly

Two Ellon & District councillors have been told that recent Freeview interference has been caused by the rollout of 4G mobile telephone masts in the area.

Ellon & District SNP councillors Anouk Kahanov-Kloppert and Richard Thomson looked into the issue after receiving complaints from local residents.

The interference might present as intermittent pixilated ‘blocks’ or ‘bands’ of colours on the screen, accompanied by loss or break-up of sound, and a ‘tweeting’ or ‘chirping’ noise.

Commenting on the issue, Cllr. Kahanov-Kloppert said: “I have been advised that a number of residents in the Craighall area of Ellon have already spent hundreds of pounds installing higher aerial masts and amplifiers in an attempt to improve Freeview reception - when the problem might be rectified at no cost.

“I would therefore suggest that anyone experiencing such problems should first contact ‘At 800’, an agency which was set up under Government direction, and funded by the UK mobile operators."

Calls to the agency on 0808 13 13 800 are free, and the service centre is open from 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday, except bank holidays.

Cllr Thomson added: "The ‘At 800’ agency can identify whether or not your television is likely to have been affected by the rollout, and can provide aerial filters or arrange for a visit by an engineer if necessary – at no cost to the user.

"Further details are available on or at"