Councillors welcome proposed foodbank extension

Ellon and District councillor Richard Thomson.
Ellon and District councillor Richard Thomson.

Ellon and District’s SNP councillors have welcomed proposals to extend the operations of the Aberdeenshire North foodbank to the town.

Richard Thomson and Rob Merson have given offers of support to its organisers.

Councillor Thomson said: “While we might all wish that there was no need for foodbanks, increasing numbers of people and their families are finding themselves in need of the helping hand which they offer.

“A sudden expense, a gap in employment or a change in benefits are sometimes all it takes to tip a family into a financial crisis. In that situation, no-one should be forced to choose between paying a bill or feeding their family properly.

“I know that the generosity of people in Ellon and the surrounding area will be able to sustain a foodbank for as long as it is required.”

Councillor Merson added: “While people might think that Aberdeenshire is a prosperous place, the more obvious signs of wealth in the area help to conceal some of the less obvious cases of people struggling to get by.

“This is a really valuable initiative which will help to fill a real need in the community. I’m sure it will be able to make a big difference in helping people to get through tough times.”