Couple's surprise for trainspotter Sean

A local self-confessed trainspotter received a mystery card in the post last week and what he found inside it took him by surprise.

Thursday, 7th June 2018, 10:00 am
Sean McLean with the card and cheque he received from the couple in the post

Sean McLean (21) of Ellon was delighted to get a card from a couple he had met in Edinburgh recently, but inside the card he found a cheque for £250.

Sean’s dad Graeme explained: “I have worked on the railway for years so Sean has always been around trains and is quite the trainspotter.

“The Flying Scotsman was in Edinburgh recently but unfortunately Sean didn’t get a ticket to get on it, however he arranged to drive down to see it and he took his mother with him.

“Sean knows Waverley Station well so he knew the best spot to get photos, and it was here that he met a couple from Newcastle who had just come off the Flying Scotsman.

“He told them all about the train and its history, they then asked Sean if he had been on it but he said no.”

Graeme added: “While they were talking Sean mentioned that he played in a local pipe band but never mentioned Ellon, but he must have made an impression on them as they called round all the pipe bands in the area before finding the Ellon Region Pipe Band.”

Graeme phoned the couple and they explained that they were so impressed with Sean that they wanted to help set him up with something special.

Last week Sean was delighted to receive a card, featuring a note and cheque from the couple.

Sean said: “I was a bit emotional when I opened it.

“It has restored my faith in humanity, I just wish I could thank them in person.”

Sean sent the couple a thank you card featuring a photo of the Flying Scotsman that he had taken in Edinburgh.

Sean plans to use the money to purchase a ticket for the Flying Scotsman when it heads for Inverness next year.

He added: “I had never seen the Flying Scotsman before, but it was magnificent to see it in Edinburgh.”