Bike campaign ends with film showing

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BIKERS from across the North East are being invited to the screening of a critically acclaimed motorbike film, to mark the end of a motorcycle safety campaign.

“Closer to the Edge” documents the journey of entrants to the world-famous TT motorcycle race that takes place on the Isle of Man every year and sees expert riders tackle a dangerous and thrilling course. Set to screen on Tuesday 27 September from 8pm at the Belmont Picturehouse in Aberdeen, the free event will also give bikers attending the screening the opportunity to speak to a range of experts and learn more about ways in which they can increase their safety on the road.

Head of Road Policing at Grampian Police Chief Inspector Ian Wallace said the purpose of the evening was to thank bikers for their continued support with the campaign and for heeding safe riding messages.

“We’ve seen reduced casualty levels involving motorcycles over the course of the campaign to date and are keen to see the downward trend continuing”, he said.

“At the same time, we see this as another great opportunity to get bikers together and make them aware of some of the opportunities available to help improve their road safety and rider skills, such as through advanced riding courses.

“I’m sure it will be an excellent, enjoyable night for all, so if you are interested get on your bike and come see it!”

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee Councillor Peter Argyle highlighted the successes of Zenith in previous years, and said that this year’s campaign was on track to reduce biker collision levels further.

“We want people to enjoy the freedom of our roads but we want them to do so responsibly”, he said.

“To date, Operation Zenith has shown that road safety levels can be raised by engaging with bikers and other road users to give advice on how to improve riding standards.

“Our focus is to influence rider behaviour and make them as safe as possible.

“Our experience has been that the majority of bikers have been very engaged by the events we have held and the film night is another way of doing this in a relaxed, enjoyable setting.”

To book your free tickets for the film night, phone the Belmont ticket office on 0871 704 2051 and quote ‘Zenith’. Tickets will be limited to two per person and reserved on a first come first served basis.