Checks reveal Newburgh speeding

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ELLON and District Councillor Rob Merson has hit out at irresponsible drivers speeding through Newburgh, after accompanying a Grampian Police speed check to examine the scale of the problem.

Cllr Merson told the Times that he had joined the police checks after multiple complaints from residents that speeding through the village’s 30mph zone was still a problem, despite high visibility police monitoring of the issue.

One theory was that speeders know where a police car is likely to be parked, and slow down accordingly before speeding up again.

Inspector Steve Pratt made the necessary arrangements for Cllr Merson to join PC Marcus Dimeola for a speed monitoring exercise in an unmarked car, parked at the north entrance to Eider Road. Most of the complaints seemed to indicate that this was where the worst of the speeding has been happening.

Speaking to the Times, Cllr Merson said that although the majority of the 110 readings were within the speed limit, a number of motorists were observed travelling above the speed limit, with four travelling at 41mph.

He added that the drivers observed weren’t just young speeders.

“It was very interesting to note that those who were driving in excess of the limit were of both sexes and all ages - there was no one group stood out,” he said. “I was particularly surprised by the lack of observation on the part of the drivers. While I have no doubt that most would protest that they would have been capable of stopping safely if a child ran in front of them – virtually none were capable of observing the police officer pointing a radar gun at them..

“The test was carried out purely as a monitoring exercise, and no charges were brought. However, the Roads Service has just carried out a further week-long speed monitoring survey in the area, which will establish whether further enforcement action needs be carried out by Grampian Police - and I await the results of that exercise with interest.”