Council and police target road

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ABERDEENSHIRE Council, in conjunction with Grampian Police and NESCAMP Scotland, are pushing forward with plans to make the A947 Dyce to Banff road safer for drivers.

The proposals, which have a stated aim of reducing collision figures on the notorious 61-mile route, rely - to quote the working group - on a combination of ‘engineering, enforcement, education and encouragement.’

Although collision figures have already dropped on the road according to Grampian Police, the road remains a blackspot for driver fatalities, with around three deaths every year between 2005 and 2010 - a rate 50% above the national average.

Working Group Spokesperson, Mel Edwards said: “The A947 is your road, you may use it to commute to work, take your children to school or to visit friends and family – whatever you use it for I would stress the importance of keeping it safe, not only by driving safely yourself but by discouraging others from driving in an unsafe manner.

“The local community is reminded that they can contact Grampian Police at any time if they witness inappropriate driving.”

Engineering works on the route have already started, with a number of new signs and hard standings on the road designed to facilitate safer driving.

“The working group have also stated that their aim is to reduce speeds on the road.

On February 29 - just over a week ago - 65-year old Margaret Masson of Birkenhills was killed on the road near the hamlet after she was struck by a car.

The road which runs from Dyce to Banff witnessed, on average, more than 3 fatal road collisions each year between 2005 and 2010, which is almost 50% higher than the national average.

To address the road safety issues an in-depth route study has been carried out and a range of measures to encourage safer road use recommended. The partners agreed to focus on the reduction of inappropriate speed as the first measure.

Engineering in the form of additional road signage and new hard standings has begun, and will assist speed enforcement by Grampian Police at existing and new locations.

The works, which have been funded by NESTRANS, Community Safety Partnership and the Safety Camera Programme, will be complemented by a series of education and encouragement methods.