Council chair hits out at Pavilion vandals

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COMMUNITY council chairwoman Moira Muir has hit out at vandals who trashed the town’s pavilion in Gordon Park last week.

The pavilion, constructed last year as a collaborative project between the Prince’s Trust and Scotia Homes, wascovered in grafitti - much of it offensive - including what purported to be a list of the names of some of the perpetrators. The crime is believed to have taken place sometime around Thursday, August 18.

Since its construction, the pavilion has been bedevilled by litter problems, with broken glass left at the site by late-night drinkers in the park. This is the second occasion the monument has been vandalised, with last week’s damage significantly worse than on the first occasion.

Mrs Muir, who actively pushed for construction of the pavilion, described the graffiti as “disgusting.”

“The damage is absolutely terrible - the police are now involved and are looking into the matter. This is the second time it has happened, but this is much worse than the last time - the comments are absolutely disgusting.”

She added: “I would suggest to the culprits that they hand themselves into the police, because they will be receiving a visit from them in the near future anyway.”

The Gordon Park Pavilion was constructed by eleven Prince of Wales’ Building Craft’s Apprentices following a public consultation over what the town’s populace wanted to see at the park.

It is understood that since Mrs Muir spoke to the Times, the council’s graffiti cleanup service have attended to remove the vandalism. Police have also questioned a number of local youngsters in relation to the crime.

Inspector Steve Pratt told the Times that the police were looking into the matter, and that he was unable to comment further as it was an active investigation. He confirmed, however, that one youth had been charged with the offence.