Ellon scam warning

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FORMARTINE residents are urged to be on the lookout for fraudsters posing as charity collectors, after fake clothing collections were identified in the area, purportedly on behalf of Scottish Cancer Support.

One concerned Ellon resident told the Times that she had been about to hand over a bag of clothing on Tuesday when she asked the collector for identification, which he could not produce. Instead, he spoke in broken English which she could not understand, before leaving empty handed.

The numberplate of the van the group were driving has, however, been recorded, and the details handed over to the police.

The Times spoke to Joan Galbraith of Scottish Cancer Support who said unequivocally that the collectors were not working for her charity.

“These collections are certainly not on behalf of Scottish cancer Support. We have contacted the police, who are looking into it. Once these people are caught, they will be charged with theft. We haven’t authorised bag collections in Scotland since the beginning of the year.

“I hope that something is done - charities are struggling, and are seen as an easy target for thieves.”