Formartine’s new Police Team Inspector outlines his vision for the community

Jamie Harrison, who is the new Formartine Community Policing Team Inspector based in Ellon.
Jamie Harrison, who is the new Formartine Community Policing Team Inspector based in Ellon.

At the start of July, I replaced Inspector John McCluskey as the Formartine Community Policing Team Inspector.

I have considerable policing experience, having worked in various criminal investigation departments and most recently in the Inverurie and Formartine areas so have an understanding of local policing issues.

I live in Turriff, my wife works locally and my three daughters attend local schools, so I am personally passionate about ensuring that I provide the best quality service.

I am committed to providing a professional accessible, visible service and want to reassure the public that the 32 officers I head up are out and about at the right times and places.

I understand the importance of having Bobbies on the beat and am currently working with my five Sergeants to promote foot and cycle patrols wherever possible as I have seen how effective it can be to reduce crime and reassure the public.

We are fortunate that Formartine is one of the safest places to live, work and visit in Scotland but I would be remiss not to do everything I can to make it even safer.

Among my plans are to analyse incidents of violent crime throughout Formartine to establish if there are patterns which would help me to stop these incidents before they happen.

My officers are adopting a zero tolerance approach to violent crime.

Assaults, including domestic incidents are robustly dealt with and to help people socialise in safety I am working to increase our visits to licensed premises.

I continue to see too many people coming to harm on our roads and I know that anti-social driving is one of your biggest concerns.

Officers from Turriff are currently organising an anti-social driving operation and a ‘Crash Live’ event.

This showcases the work of the emergency services at the scene of a serious road traffic collision and enforces a positive road safety message.

We will continue to carry out speed checks on our local roads. If you have concerns about the speed of cars in any area please let me know and I will have officers carry out checks.

I am keen to build on the good working relationships already in place with local community groups and again should a local group think that me or my officers could add something then please get in touch.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us on 101, attend at a local station or message us on one of the Formartine Community Policing team email addresses:

Jamie Harrison

Formartine Community Policing Team Inspector