Grampian Police hail 10% drop in north-east crime

POLICE have lauded a fall in crime figures in Grampian, which the force say represents a 10% drop in overall reported crime.

The figures, released on Friday, show a significant reduction in violent offences and vandalism, with an increase in detection rates for violent crimes and sexual offences. Meanwhile, detection rates for stolen vehicles are approaching the 100% mark.

Chief Constable Colin McKerracher lauded the new figures, describing them as ‘encouraging’, and a positive reflection of the force’s work in the region.

He said: “The presence of officers within the community has helped prevent and detect offences within their communities and this is clearly reflected in the latest figures. It has also allowed us to work more closely with the public and our partners across the North East in dealing with the local issues that matter most.”

“We are determined to drive on and deliver even better results in what will ultimately be the final year of Grampian Police as an entity. The hard work and dedication of our officers will remain as we strive to ensure that Grampian continues to be one of the safest areas in the country. As we move towards a single Scottish police force, the excellent progress that we have made year after year will be our legacy.”

The figures showed a 21.6% drop in violent offences on the 2010/11 figures, including decreases of 15.8% in robberies and 13.5% in serious assaults; a 26.8% drop in vandalisms from the high of 2003/4; and increases in detection rates for violent crimes (3.4%) and sexual crimes (2.2%) on the figures from last year.

In addition, vehicle crime detection rates by 1.8% to 96.9%.

Convener of the Grampian Joint Police Board, Cllr Ron McKail said: “I very much welcome this report, which shows that Grampian Police is driving down crime rates right across the region. As Scotland moves towards a single police force, it is essential that this progress and hard work continues and that the focus on sustainable local policing continues.

“I know from my own constituents that there is an increased public confidence over the last few years and these figures will only help to increase that.”