Is this yours? Valuable lost property in Ellon

My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture

POLICE in Ellon are appealing for the owners of some very nice lost property to come forward, after the items were handed in.

The Ellon station is currently hosting an expensive looking ring, and a digital camcorder, both of which were handed in over the course of the past month.

Police clerk and special constable Shona Dempster told the Times: “The ring was handed in on June 19, and was found in the car park at Fyvie Castle. It has a number of green and white stones: one of the office staff thinks that the green stones are garnet. It is a very nice ring, and was handed in complete with the jewellery box, so someone must be missing it.

“The camcorder was handed in on July 19, after being found near the entrance to the football pitches in Balmedie. It’s obviously nearly new, as the wires still have wrapping.

“The pictures on the memory card show a couple of young boys on pushbikes, and it seems as though they are in Balmedie itself from what can be made out.

“These are two very nice items, and it would be really good if we could re-unite them with the owners. Obviously, we would need proof of ownership.

Police in Ellon have access to a database of lost property which covers the whole north-east, including Aberdeen City, meaning that property lost anywhere in the north-east of Scotland can be traced from any police office.

PC Steve Pratt added that lost and found items became the property of the finder after two months if they go unclaimed.

If you are the owner, or know who is, of the ring or the camcorder, you can contact Shona Dempster at, or by visiting Ellon Police Station with proof of ownership.