‘Ludicrous’ thefts of hanging baskets

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AN ELLON civic group and local business have been left frustrated after thieves stole two hanging baskets from premises on the town’s Market Street.

Frances Watson, who chairs Ellon Civic Pride, phoned the Times to complain about the thefts from the Ice Cream and Coffee pot, which took place some time in September and remained un-reported until now due to confusion over who had taken them.

Speaking to the Times, Frances said: “It’s a real shame for the Ice Cream and Coffee Pot, particularly considering that somebody also stole the big ice cream cone which sat on the pavement outside.”

She added that the theft would have required a degree of planning and organisation, and that it seemed likely to her there was more than one culprit.

“The fixtures for the baskets are really quite high up,” she said. “Whoever did this would have needed a ladder, which would have been quite noticeable. I’m also guessing that more than one person would have been involved, as these baskets are really quite heavy.

“We hadn’t noticed because I was on holiday, and Mike and Elma - who own the Ice Cream and Coffee Pot - thought it was Civic Pride who had removed them. It wasn’t until we spoke that we realised something was wrong.

“It’s ludicrous - just an absolute nonsense that somebody would do this. This is the first time we’ve had a theft in 3-4 years.”

Ice Cream and Coffee Pot owner Elma Reid told the Times: “The crime took place three or four weeks ago - one day we came in, and our canopy was down and the baskets were gone. We presumed Civic Pride had taken them, and didn’t discover the truth until now.

“They’re not even at an accessible level, so why somebody would do this, I don’t know.”

Anyone with information should contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5 700.