Meadows Astro turf attacked by vandals

Police have been informed and are investigating
Police have been informed and are investigating

Ellon Meadows trustees have been left ‘deeply upset’ after vandals attacked the Astro turf pitch.

Meadows staff discovered the damage during a morning inspection. It appears someone tried to set the Astro turf alight and has caused more than £500 worth of damage.

Trustees voiced their concerns that someone culd have deliberately damaged a community resource.

Meadow’s chairperson, Katie Crosley, said: “This is a very busy pitch for the local community and is used by a variety of groups. To have it damaged is unbelievable and very distressing to everyone.”

Police have been informed and are investigating but the damage has meant that the Meadows can no longer allow some activities to take place.

Katie said: “We have always allowed the local young people to come and play football on the Astro turf during the school holidays but this damage has meant that we have had to cancel this for now.

“One person’s actions have affected the whole community,” she added.

The Trustees have agreed to repair the Astro turf and meantime it is still playable for the community groups who use it.