MEP warns - beware euro scammers

A LOCAL European parliamentarian has issued a warning to businesses in the north-east, after his office was targeted by a well-known European business scam.

Businesses receive e-mails claiming to be from an organisation calling itself the European Trade Register, allegedly based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. The e-mail touts membership of the register for three years, at a cost of 990 Euros per year.

Mr Hudghton’s office received an email this morning from a Carol Denham inviting him to place his contact details in the European Trade Register.

The MEP has for several years been providing advice to constituents from across Scotland on another scam called the European City Guide, which invites people to advertise in the Guide, with the hefty cost of doing so concealed in small print.

Mr Hudghton said he wants to nip this new scam in the bud before organisations and businesses in Scotland are hit by the inevitable letters and legal threats which follow.

Mr Hudghton said: “I’ve lost count of the number of people in businesses, charities and other organisations who have contacted me over the years about the European City Guide and I don’t want them or others to be caught out by the European Trade Register. If the so-called Register is anything like the European City Guide, which I strongly suspect it is, then anyone signing up will be hounded for vast sums of money with legal threats being issued. I am only too aware of the distress that these scams cause to honest, decent people and I would urge anyone who receives an email from the European Trade Register to hit the delete key and have absolutely nothing to do with them.”