Misery for Ellon man after thieves ruin holiday

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AN ELLON man has hit out at the thieves who ruined his holiday by stealing his passport.

Steven Main, who works as a frier at Jax Fish and Chip Shop, says the theft took place on Sunday at his house in Modley Place while he was visiting his father in hospital. As well as taking his passport, the thief - or thieves - helped themselves to thousands of euros worth of holiday money, electrical goods and flight and accommodation tickets for the holiday he was scheduled to take to Magaluf.

Speaking to the Times, Steven said that he was devastated by the thefts, and that his holiday plans were ruined.

“The window was open, and they must have escaped through the back door,” he said. “I had hoped they would be good enough to return my passport, but I haven’t heard anything. As such, I missed my flight today, and the insurance company won’t cover the costs as my passport was stolen before I got to the airport, which isn’t covered.

“I have missed out on everything. It’s totally ruined my holiday - I’d been saving up for a year to go to Magaluf.

Steven added that the police had been contacted, and that he had suspicions regarding who was responsible.

“There is someone I have strong suspicions may be involved: the police have told me that they managed to identify fingerprints at the scene, so I’m really hoping the person who did this is caught.” he said.

Anyone with information about Steven’s stolen property should contact Grampian police on 0845 600 5 700, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.