Missing baskets found

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TWO hanging baskets reported stolen i have been found safe and well, the Times can reveal, after having been dumped in the car park beside the town’s public toilets beside the River Ythan.

There was annoyance after the thefts, which took place early last week from fixtures outside the Ice Cream and Coffee Pot on Ellon’s Market Street. The removal of the two heavy baskets, which formed part of the town’s summer floral display, left members of Ellon Civic Pride - who maintain the town’s floral displays, planters and hanging baskets - annoyed and bemused.

Ellon Civic Pride Chair Frances Watson phoned the Times yesterday to confirm that the missing baskets had been discovered by a passer-by earlier this week, and that they had now been safely stored away for the winter.

She told the Times: “We had a phone call telling us that there were two baskets sitting in the car park beside the public toilet, and we identified them as ours. I’m now kicking myself, as I ordinarily walk along the Ythan myself, and if I had done so earlier we could have found them and returned them more quickly. Still, we’re really pleased we got them back!

“I remain convinced that whoever took them down must have needed a ladder. They’re very heavy, but with two or three people, who knows? We’re just glad to recover them.”

She added that the group were now undertaking their annual winter planting.

“We’ve taken down all the hanging baskets, and are getting set to plant our winter bedding plants on Saturday,” she said.