Motorists caught speeding at over 100mph on A90

Police are urging motorists to curb their speed.
Police are urging motorists to curb their speed.

Five motorists have been caught speeding at 100mph or above in the last three days on the A90.

Four cars and a motorcycle were stopped between Peterhead and Aberdeen for driving at speeds from 100mph to 103mph.

The male car drivers aged 23, 25, 29 and 55 and male motorcyclist aged 29 have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

The drivers were stopped as part of Operation CEDAR (Challenge, Educate, Detect and Reduce) which involved high visibility patrols from Trunk Road Policing officers, supported by Road Policing officers from Aberdeenshire and Moray division.

Various units carried out dedicated patrols and speed checks on the roads each morning from Tuesday, August 4 to Thursday, August 6, with additional checks on Goods Vehicles being carried out with the assistance of the DVSA (Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency).

More than 100 vehicles were stopped as part of the operation, which aims to encourage drivers to take more responsibility on the region’s roads, with 62 drivers, aged between 19 and 56, reported or warned for a variety of offences.

A total of 38 drivers were stopped in relation to speeding and four drivers were dealt with for careless driving, which included tailgating, undertaking and inappropriate driving.

Five drivers were stopped for using their mobile telephones, two drivers were reported and had their vehicles seized for driving without insurance, three drivers were stopped in relation to not wearing seatbelts and two drivers were driving without valid MOTs.

The remaining drivers were dealt with in relation to minor road traffic offences.

Trunk Road Policing Sergeant Steve Manson said: “This is one of a number of high profile Road Policing operations that have taken place in the area, however, despite this it’s disappointing that so many drivers were found to be committing offences.

“The majority of these offences were detected during the morning commute when the roads are particularly busy.

“Some of the drivers were travelling at particularly high speeds and it goes without saying that a collision at these speeds is likely to result in serious injury or a fatality.

“Road Safety is a priority for Police Scotland and we will continue to encourage drivers to take responsibility for their driving and consider the potential consequences.”