Mum hits out at lazy dog owners

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AN ELLON mum has hit out at irresponsible dog owners, after a spate of dog fouling which has left the Meiklemill Playpark hazardous for walkers and children.

Vicki Coutts told that Times that daughter Casey-Jai and nephew Alfie Bowen - who both attend Meiklemill nursery - had repeatedly stepped in dog faeces in the park.

“The problem seems to be across the whole of Meiklemill,” she said. “It’s all up and down the Riverside, in all the grassy areas, and especially in the play park. It’s disgusting.

“Casey-Jai cycled over some, and managed to get it all over her bike, and even up her leg. It’s just horrible.

“I own a dog myself, and I clean up after it - I can’t understand how anybody would be content to leave dog mess in a park for children. It’s reached the stage where kids physically can’t play in the park without stepping in it.”

The problem is a long-standing one in Ellon, with similar problems in Gordon Park. The Times went on a tour of the affected areas with Vicki to investigate the scale of the problem and found the park and nearby pavements littered with dog faeces.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council said that dog owners were responsible for their own mess, and that there were ample disposal facilities in the area. He added that the council relied on members of the public to report nuisance dog owners.

“The dog wardens rely on information from residents about people not cleaning up after their pets,” he said. “If you witness anyone not cleaning up after their dog, please contact the warden and provide as much detail as possible so they can investigate. We urge all dog owners to take responsibility for their pets by tidying any mess made in public spaces and making use of the nearest available bin.

“Dog owners have a responsibility to pick up after their pets, even when there is snow on the ground, and use the facilities provided. If anyone has information about someone they suspect is not taking appropriate responsibility for their dog, they should contact us on (01467) 620981.”