New camp: why is park and ride still accessible?

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ABERDEENSHIRE Council cannot install security bollards at the Ellon Park and Ride due to ongoing legal negotiations over land ownership, it emerged today.

The latest group of Travellers arrived at the parking facility earlier this week, despite the facility being a public one for bus users. Previously, councillors had approved the installation of security bollards which would limit the size of vehicles able to access the site, with a view to preventing unauthorised encampments.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council said that, although the proposals had been approved last February, negotiations were ongoing and that this was preventing any moves to render the site inaccessible to large vehicles.

He said: “Councillors approved the installation of barriers at the Ellon Park and Ride site in February. The work is subject to the conclusion of a legal agreement over land ownership and will begin when that is resolved.”

Cllr Richard Thomson told the Times: “Whether its the nature reserve or the Park and Ride, the presence of Travellers at either site is unacceptable. Given that plans already exist for new gates at the Park and Ride which have been approved, I hope that efforts will be stepped up so that they can be put in place as soon as possible.”