New traveller group occupy Park and Ride

Travellers have set up camp at the Ellon -park and ride car park.
Travellers have set up camp at the Ellon -park and ride car park.
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A NEW group of travellers have occupied Ellon’s Park and Ride over the weekend, occupying a significant number of spaces at the facility.

Cllr Gillian Owen told the Times that she had been made aware of the newest group on Saturday, after coming off the bus at the facility. Around twelve caravans were present on Monday.

“Children are running around, jumping up and running across the recycle bins and generally running amock. This is the very reason that local residents do not take to travellers as their total disregard for the surroundings that they pitch up in. I have notified the relevant officers at Aberdeenshire Council.“

Cllr Richard Thomson confirmed to the Times that plans to restrict access to the site were still in place, but that negotiations had become bogged down in a debate over legal ownership of the land.

Cllr Rob Merson re-iterated this fact at Monday’s Community Council meeting, when he confirmed that the improvements would still be going ahead. He added that the behaviour of various travelling groups who had visited the town meant there was “no public appetite” for a halting site, further suggesting that the proposed site at Balmacassie would not be big enough at any rate to cope with more than around six to eight caravans at a time.