Police: be on guard against fraudsters

GRAMPIAN Police have warned elderly residents to be on the lookout for fraudsters, after a bank scam came to attention which involves defrauding the elderly out of thousands of pounds.

The scam involves conmen phoning elderly or vulnerable people pretending to be from their bank, informing them that their card has been fraudulently hacked. The conmen then ask for the card’s PIN, before collecting the card through a supposed ‘courier’, who is in fact one of the conmen.

Victims of the scheme have lost thousands of pounds, as with the card and PIN, the fraudsters can withdraw as much money from the accounts as they like, more or less at will.

The fraudsters have also claimed to be police officers, and asked for card details. Police and, indeed, bank staff, never request bank details over the telephone.

The conmen in question give limited details about the victim to make the call seem plausable, such as a name and address, luring the victim into a false sense of security.

Anyone who has suspicions about a phone call they have received is urged to contact police - suspicious calls can be reported on 0845 5006700 or information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.