Police hit out at Meiklemill speeders

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POLICE in Ellon have hit out at irresponsible speeders following a speed monitoring exercise which revealed 59% of those using Hillhead Drive were speeding.

Officers were joined by Cllr Rob Merson on the road which leads into Ellon, after he raised the issue following complaints from constituents.

The council officer who completed the monitoring exercise is reported to have described the results as ‘alarming’, with an average speed of 40mph for cars on the way in, and 30mph on the way out of Ellon.

The road is reportedly used as a shortcut by commuters travelling to and from Aberdeen. Police have subsequently said that they will be monitoring the situation with marked and un-marked patrol cars.

Inspector Steve Pratt of Grampian Police said: “In response to a locally identified speeding problem area, I have allocated an officer to carry out enforcement as often as possible.

“Speeding continues to be the single most common complaint that is reported to me whether by individual members of the public, communities as a whole, by councillors or via community consultation via the community planning group.

“Grampian Police has a strategic aim to deal with local complaints which in practise is devolved at a local level to the Local Policing Team.

“Some enforcement has already taken place at Hillhead Road but no excessive speeds were recorded. However more action will take place over the coming weeks. Enforcement itself will not cure the problem as we have been enforcing speeding legislation for as long as it has existed and yet the problem continues.”

Cllr. Rob Merson added: “There are a number of residents with young families live on this street, whose lives are being put at risk by these offenders on a daily basis.

“I would therefore call on all drivers using this route to show consideration for these residents – I am sure that they would object if they had traffic passing their own houses at such speeds.”