Police investigate Ness Circle speed complaints

AN ELLON councillor has praised local police action, after speed checks were undertaken in an area of Ellon.

Cllr Rob Merson told the Times that he had received a number of complaints from residents at Ness Circle concerning speeding in the area, and that local police had acted decisively on the issue.

Ness Circle has a speed limit of 20mph which, according to Cllr Merson’s constituents in the area, was being regularly broken by motorists.

Area Inspector John McCluskey confirmed that the police had identified a problem in the residential area, and had taken action accordingly.

He said: “Officers have carried out enforcement checks on Ness Circle. During these periods, officers carried out checks at various locations on the street, and a number of drivers were stopped in relation to their speed and dealt with by my officers.”

“Officers will continue to visit locations highlighted by our communities in relation to excessive or inappropriate speed.”

Cllr Merson added that the problem was a common one in the area, with drivers regularly breaking low speed limits.

He told the Times: “Speeding in residential areas is probably one of the most consistent complaints received by councillors, yet it is often local residents who are at fault. 20mph restrictions are now commonplace in residential areas, and failing to adhere to them is not only anti-social behaviour, it is downright dangerous.”