Police urge cyclists to review their security

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Police in the North East are urging cyclists to review their security for the Summer to prevent thefts after it was revealed 177 bikes were reported stolen between April and June this year.

Officers will be focusing their efforts throughout the summer months on reducing the number of bicycle-related thefts, maximising every prevention, intelligence and enforcement opportunity available.

However they need the public’s help to ensure that bikes are locked away and secure in the first instance to not give thieves a chance.

Sergeant Simon Lewis-Dalby, who is leading the campaign, said: “More and more people are being encouraged to take up cycling as it’s a cheaper mode of transport, helps the environment and is great for your health and fitness.

“It’s fantastic to see so many people taking on this advice and investing in bicycles, however it is vital that you know how to keep your cycles safe and secure and to ensure you don’t become a victim of crime.

“More than 70% of the stolen bikes reported have been taken from garages and sheds which have been left insecure and we are finding in most cases that thieves are not forcing doors to properties - they are simply trying door handles in the hope it is unlocked.

“With this in mind, I must ask you to ensure your bike is kept within a secure shed or garage and to get into the habit of keeping the door locked, preferably using a robust lock.

“It is also important to invest in a good bike lock - it can takes thieves just a few seconds to cut through poor quality locks - and to lock your bike to something secure even if you are leaving it unattended for just a few minutes.”