Tools, quad bikes and diesel: most likely to be stolen

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A SURVEY by rural insurers NFU Mutual has revealed that power tools, quad bikes and diesel are the most likely items to be stolen in rural thefts.

The figures also indicated a huge rise in the number of ‘agri-crimes’ committed in Scotland over the past two years, with a 67% increase reported.

It was also revealed that livestock rustling remains a serious problem, with 142 claims across Britain for the first half of 2011, compared to 150 claims over the whole of 2010. The survey also idenfitied the fact that most rural crime happens at night - between 12pm and 6am.

Robin Gawn, NFU Mutual Agent, said: “People living and working in rural areas of Scotland need to be vigilant and keep working with police and local communities to help fight rural crime. Highly organised thieves don’t just target tractors, Landrovers and farm machinery, they can also make money from items like quad bikes and power tools that can be stolen and sold on.”