Warning over household security in Ellon area

ELLLON has been described by local police as “low crime” area, but according to one officer such a situation can lead to public complacency.

Constable Jennifer Cordiner told a well-attended meeting of Ellon Community Council on Monday night she was concerned about a recent spate of thefts in the Woodlands area when two cars were stolen, and several others broken into.

She also highlighted household break-ins in the same area attributing them to the casual attitude of the public to security.

The WPC said: “Where we have low crime rates there is a tendency for members of the public to take security for granted, resulting in them leaving cars and houses open, as was the case on a number of occasions in Ellon this month.”

Community councillors heard that one family had left the front door of their house open overnight, leading to the property being entered while the occupants slept.

A resident of Woodlands Drive said:”I have taken extra measures to protect my house since hearing of the break-ins and will do all I can to help the police with their enquiries.

“At the end of the day it is up to the public to make their premises as safe as possible. I am horrified at the casual approach taken by some of my neighbours.”