Cruden Bay celebrates 11th century battle

VILLAGERS in Cruden Bay are set to commemorate the thousandth anniversary of a battle which secured Scotland’s independence with a special ceremony on August 18.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 1st August 2012, 4:03 pm

A special procession through the town will mark the anniversary of the Battle of Cruden, which saw the defeat of a Danish army by the Scots king, Malcolm II. The ceremony will conclude with the ceremonial burning of a longship on August 18.

The battle was also commemorated last Sunday by local church congregations, who held a special open air ceremony at St Olaf’s Well on Cruden Bay Golf Course to commemorate the Christian history of the area following the battle. The ceremony will be followed up by other events taking place at the area’s churches, with a series of ecumenical celebrations.

The battle, fought in 1012 saw Malcolm II, King of Scots meet a Viking army under the generalship of Cnut, son of Sven Forkbeard of Denmark. After a long and bloody fight, the Danes agreed to withdraw, the dead were buried and the first chapel was established in the area, dedicated to St Olaf of Norway.

Malcolm II, recognised as one of Scotland’s most accomplished Dark Age kings, was the grandfather of both Kings Duncan and Macbeth of Shakespearean fame.