Cycle Club - “keep safe”

YTHAN Cycle Club have urged those taking to their bikes over the winter to keep safe.

Club chairman Colin Allanach said that even Olympic standard cyclists were at risk, after Olympic golf medalist Bradley Wiggins was knocked off his bike.

“It was a reminder of how vulnerable a cyclist can be against a tonne of metal,” he told the Times. “Of course there are bad inconsiderate cyclists just as there are bad inconsiderate pedestrians and bad inconsiderate drivers. The only difference is that cyclists and pedestrians will always come off worse in a collision with a car, van, lorry or bus.

“There are some things a cyclist can do to minimise the risk of accidents whilst sharing the road. First of all keep bright and visible. At this time of year every bike should be fitted with lights for use at night and during dim, dreich days.

“Secondly, wear something bright. Day-Glo might not be everyone’s idea of cutting edge fashion, but in this case function and safety over sartorial elegance is the sensible option.

“Thirdly, the road conditions in this area are not particularly great and this is more true near the kerbside where potholes are more prevalent and slippery items such as drain covers are lurking to trap the unsuspecting rider. Cyclists riding close to the kerb can find themselves having to manoeuvre quickly and erratically to avoid these obstructions. This is obviously dangerous a

“Finally, a message to drivers. Be aware of cyclists and pay particular attention when passing bikes on the road. Pass cyclists as you would a small car and be aware that cyclists may suddenly need to avoid uneven road surfaces and obstacles such as drain covers or oily, wet or icy patches on the road.“