Dancers step to award success

Louise McDonald and Kirstin Reid with the dancers and their certificates
Louise McDonald and Kirstin Reid with the dancers and their certificates

Parents and relatives flocked to the Victoria Hall last month to see their young ones perform their class repertoires and receive their exam certificates.

A great time was had by all and afterwards the delighted parents took the opportunity to enjoy a tea or coffee and a selection of home bakes provided by the mothers.

This gave everyone the opportunity to chat together and enjoy the Christmas music and ambience of the Victoria Hall.

Dance teacher Louise McDonald said: “I wish to thank the Hall Keepers and volunteers very much for their help - from the moment I enquired, through the booking process and through to today.

“It really is a lovely hall and was perfect for what we wanted to achieve today.”

The list of dancers awarded in the presentation are as follows:

Class 1 - Aimee Jeffries, Ella Leune, Mia Zanre, Quinn Porter, Emily Henderson, Violet Stamp, Cailyn Cunningham, Elsa Dinnes, Amy Stewart, Abbie Mackenzie, Ci Ci Sandison and Isabella Jennings.

Class 2 - Maisy Beattie, Aleiisha Dow, Mya Leune, Chloe Dawson, Holly Duncan, Kayleigh McIlvenny, Mia Sandison, Neitzan Kahanov, Paige Rennie, Sienna Walker and Emma Macaskill.

Class 3 - Janey Low, Amy Masson, Tasmin Dias-Smith, Keira Milne, Brodie Dow and Bobby Burnett.

Class 4 - Dionne Sandison, Caitlin Fines, Carla Baillie, Lauren McCutcheon, Maria Milne, Anna Brown, Zoe Andrew, Kaylyn Porter and Niamh Yeoman.