Danger of independence debate peaking too early

Only nine weeks to go before Scotland’s big day when the nation will decide whether we will continue to be part of the UK, or take the huge step of voting for independence.

For me September 18 can’t come quickly enough, for in truth despite the enormity of the occasion, I am heart sick of endless, sometimes pointless TV programmes trying, but usually failing, to convince me of the two cases.

Much of the debate has in fact been trivial, and occasionally hysterical, as the two lobbies swamp us with their attempts to get me to buy into the legitimacy of their arguments.

Neither side has yet convinced me that they have a good case, including the principals on each side, and that includes Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling.

I have in fact been more inclined to be swayed by the many private discussions enjoyed over the last year, making me wonder about the wisdom of the various TV companies buying into prime time television in a bid to help us make up our minds. The reaction from you the great unwashed public would seem to support my assessment of the situation.

I will of course still vote on the day, but would appreciate a break from the debate, especially as my mind has already been made up. A late flurry of debating is not going to see me change my intentions.

The biggest fear both sides might have is that the debate whether good or bad has peaked too early, leading to voters not bothering to turn out.

So while I am fed up to the back teeth of the ongoing debate I just hope the electorate give the issue their full attention on September 18. We will only get one bite of this juicy cherry, to not bother to vote would be criminal.

Encouragingly the one group of voters who seem to be certain to turn out in numbers are the new voters who having reached 16 have been handed a golden opportunity to make an early impact on our democratic process.

They seem to be all set to make their voices heard, and to all of you who would want to deny them the vote before they reach 18, I would only say my impression of the new voters is good.

The school debates have I am reliably informed been thoughtful, full of purpose and probably more engaging than the TV debates I have watched. Denying them a vote would be churlish, failing to recognise that this vote means more to them than most of my golden oldie friends who in the main are full of bile, and so, so determined to look backwards.

This is an opportunity to look to the future, for whether it is yes or no in 63 days time, we will have greater devolution, even in the lives of us over 70’s in the near future.

Finally, and well away from the world of politics, I have been totally transfixed by the recent World Cup. I always thought the beautiful game would come good.

I just hope our domestic game can live up to the high standards set by the big boys.