Devoted pair search for new owners

Darcy and Dottie are looking for a home
Darcy and Dottie are looking for a home

A local charity are appealing to pet lovers across the North-east to help two dogs find a new home.

Dog re-homing charity DAWGS have two furry friends who are looking for some new owners.

6-year-old Darcy, a collie/retriever cross, and 7-year-old border collie, Dottie, have been together all their lives and DAWGS are doing everything that they can to make sure the pair can stay together.

Chairman David Hekelaar said: “It can be hard to re-home two dogs together but we would love to see these girls settled somewhere before Christmas.

“They are real people friendly dogs - Dottie is the leader, where she goes, Darcy will follow.

“We are sure if the right person saw them they would fall in love with them and are appealing to anyone who thinks they might be in a position to offer them a home to get in touch.”

If anyone is interested in the lovable pair please contact DAWGS by calling on 01224 208989 or email:

Aberdeenshire charity, DAWGS (SCIO), are dedicated to finding loving new homes for dogs whose owners can no longer take care of them.

Dogs are accepted and re-homed from throughout the North-east area.

More information can be found on the DAWGS website by visiting