Ease up on Corbyn attacks

By Jack Nixon

Jeremy Corbyn may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it ill behoves our spiteful written media to set out on a campaign clearly designed to discredit, if not destroy him.

It’s not as if the leadership of the other main parties had anything to write home about, including our current Prime Minister who in his five years in power has proved to be weak, and even cowardly, and a consensus politician of the worst kind, though not respected by his own rank and file members.

A man of u-turns, including his failure to square up to the current refugee crisis. Indeed it was Ruth Davidson, the Tory leader in Scotland who had to bravely remind her UK leader of his international responsibility.

I also suspect Cameron’s wife Samantha had a big say in putting her man right on the issue.

The other UK leader with clay feet is of course the bigger than the party Nigel Farage, once the darling of the UK right.

Farage has in fact proved to be self-promoting, not fit for political purpose even in UKIP.

As for the Lib-Dems, the majority of the great British public cannot even tell you who its new leader is after the demise of Nick Clegg.

Interestingly, up here in Scotland there is no such hang-up about left-wing politics, or about taking the country down the path of representing all of the people all of the time, although it has to be said, the SNP are not naturally a party of the left.

They have, however, been clever enough to align themselves with socialist policies, neatly outflanking the Labour Party in Scotland, which was as easy as taking candy from kids, but not sufficiently astute to convince many of the left that they really are a credible alternative.

So whatever you think of the new Labour leader, the veteran is here until the next UK election, and will hopefully have some influence over the state of the nation, which has in my opinion, lurched alarmingly to the right, abetted of course by the paranoid national press who in the early 1980s all but destroyed Michael Foot, the then leader of the same party Corbyn is trying to save from extinction.

Ridiculing Foot’s dress code at the Armistice parade being one of the low-life tactics used by the media to undermine another veteran of the party.

No, UK politics is not in a good place, but probably all the better for a dose of left-wing views.

Finally, I am delighted to see the Dons take over the leadership of the SPL, but there’s a long way to go, although for my money they are racing certs to land the title, but then my ability to back losers is well known.