Academy to compete for UN Rights Award

ELLON Academy are getting set to compete for a ‘rights respecting school’ award from the United Nations.

Depute Rector Kim Hall told the Times that she believed Ellon Academy already met all the criteria for the award, which is made to schools which demonstrate commitment in ensuring knowledge and respect of children’s rights.

“Very few secondary schools in the UK have managed to gain this so it is very prestigious,” she said. ”The school meets all the criteria for the UNRRS Award because of all our work at school, community, national and international levels. However, we need a bit more work on making sure that our pupils, parents, staff, and everyone in the local community is aware of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and in particular, the three rights our pupils chose to focus on as a starting point - the right to be treated without discrimination, the right to express views, and the right to education.

She added that the school was already working hard to demonstrate to judges that Ellon was a rights-respecting school which engaged with the local community.

“In short the programme is about teaching young people about rights, respect and responsibilities at home, in school, and in the community at national and international levels. We are using the UNRRS framework to join together all our school policies, curriculum work and extra curriculum work. At community level, the school is doing a wide range of activities. The latest one is around 50 of our pupils from all age groups are working in five of the Ellon senior citizens homes voluntarily after school on Fridays.

“This huge response to the request for volunteers shows our pupils are clearly responding to the UN RRS messages we are teaching. We are looking for other volunteer work opportunities pupils can do in their own time, after school hours, with their parents/carers permission.”