Auchnagatt pupils go to knight school

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AUCHNAGATT P1/2 pupils had a rare treat last Thursday, when a historical re-enactor came to the school to talk about life as a knight in medieval times.

Youngsters sat enthralled as re-enactor Ian Deveney aka ‘Sir Andrew de Moray’ of Battlescar Entertainment, demonstrated a range of medieval weapons to the youngsters including a flail, pike, mace, sword and dirk. He also allowed them to feel for themselves how heavy mail armour is, and explained some of the logistical challenges a knight would face on the battlefield. Youngsters were also given an introduction to the concept of medieval chivalry.

The pupils were later invited to take part in a mock joust.

Class teacher Yvonne O’Neil said that the day would provide a valuable insight for pupils, who are studying knights as their project, and that the class would be making their own weapons and armour for the day’s activities.