Business school: S3 pupils present enterprise ideas

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PUPILS at Ellon Academy gave presentations to a very special guest on Friday, when Sir Ian Wood visited to witness three S3 groups present enterprise ideas on behalf of local businesses.

Sir Ian, sponsors the events in local schools through the Wood Family Trust, with the aim of generating business interest and awareness among youngsters. As one of Scotland’s richest men, he has pledged to give away hundreds of millions of pounds to good causes.

The groups worked with representatives from Grampian Fasteners, Athena Gifts and the AECC, who set pupils tasks on specific areas of the businesses which have been identified for improvement. Pupils came up with proposals, and made presentations detailing their idea.

One of the groups was tasked with finding a way to better advertise Grampian Fasteners’ new Beta Tools Range. Suggestions from the group tasked with this question included improvements to the company website, branded merchandise, and better information about the tools.

Pupil Sarah Dobbie, Marketing Team Leader for the Aberdeen Fasteners group, said that pupils had taken a lot from the experience.

“It was good fun, and really interesting,” she said. “I’ve certainly learned the value of advertising, and what a business needs to do to succeed.”

Afterwards, Sir Ian said: It’s been a real pleasure to see the interest, intensity and enthusiasm of the young people when it comes to business and enterprise.