Civic Pride clear-up

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A squad of nearly twenty volunteers, including eight members of Ellon Rotary Club, attacked Ellon Civic Pride’s latest Project on Saturday morning with great energy.

The squad, directed by Frances Watson, Ellon Civic Pride’s Chair, cleared the badly overgrown rockery on Ellon Road at the South side of Craighall Crescent.

Lever action loppers, soft grips, ratchet action equipment were all in vigorous action, cutting down the offending bushes and undergrowth. Heavy duty spades and farm hoes dug out the heavy grasses, weeds, roots, rocks and stones. Edging irons shaped the rockery and forks of all sizes were used to remove the deep roots and to complete the break up of the long neglected soil.

The waste materials were sorted and bagged and transported in trailers to the new Council recycling facility at Balmacassie. It is planned to plant the area in the autumn.

Frances was well pleased with the morning’s work. She said “Once planted up I’m sure this area will have a favourable visual impact for all as they enter Ellon – a big improvement from the way it has been.”