Dinosaur stamp set out now in post offices

Sir David Attenborough with the stamps
Sir David Attenborough with the stamps
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Royal Mail has launched its Dinosaur Special Stamps issue to mark over two-hundred years of dinosaur fossil discoveries in what was the UK.

Dinosaurs are usually associated with North America and the exploration of the Wild West that began in the 1870s, but the earliest discoveries of dinosaurs happened in the UK during the early 1800s.

The ten-stamp set features Polacanthus; Ichthyosaurus; Iguanodon; Ornithocheirus; Baryonyx; Dimorphodon; Hypsilophodon; Cetiosaurus; Megalosaurus and Plesiosaurus

The stamps have been printed so that it looks like the creatures ‘break out’ of the self-adhesive stamp frame and are available now at www.royalmail.com/dinosaurs, by phone on 08457 641 641 and in your local post office.

Broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough said; “These stamps are a wonderful reminder of the majestic creatures that once roamed what is now Great Britain hundreds of millions of years ago.”

Andrew Hammond, Director of Stamps and Collectibles, Royal Mail, said: “Britain has played an important role in the discovery of dinosaurs for over 200 years. Our Dinosaurs issue is a fitting tribute.”