Education bosses seek overseas teachers for posts

Ellon Academy
Ellon Academy

Aberdeenshire Council has taken its recruitment campaign overseas to try and address shortages in teaching staff.

During three days in July more than over30 Irish and Canadian probationer teachers were interviewed in their own countries for posts in the region.

This approach has been designed to attract teachers to the area on a temporary basis, in addition to more traditional methods of encouraging teachers to choose a long-term career in Aberdeenshire.

Ireland and Canada have high levels of surplus probationer and first year teachers.

The Aberdeenshire campaign is targeting these areas as a way of attracting high quality teachers who need an opportunity to secure their first teaching post.

Head of Education, Policy and Resources, Wilfred Weir, explained: “Countries like Canada and Ireland have generated a surplus of teachers. They are well qualified and keen to secure their first job.

“This presents us with an opportunity to attract quality probationer teachers to a teaching role in one of our schools, helping us to fill much-needed vacancies and ensure that our schools have the appropriate levels of teachers.”

Successful candidates will be allocated a teaching role in either a primary school or in an academy across Aberdeenshire.After the first year, overseas teachers can seek full time employment in Aberdeenshire if they wish, subject to visa requirements.