Ellon girl condemns cuts

AN ELLON student has hit out at proposed education cuts which could see the course she currently sits cancelled.

Leanne Tait studies an HND in Musical theatre at Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy. However, the cost-cuttng proposals put forward by the college will see swingeing cuts to the facility’s performing arts department in a bid to save money, with students currently studying acting and performance related subjects potentially having to leave the college if the proposals are adopted.

Leanne, who is staying in Ellon during the holidays, says that the cuts will leave her in the lurch.

“The course is well known, and well attended, and gave a start in the world of entertainment to the likes of Ewan McGregor and Dougray Scott.

“Around thirty students at the facility held a protest on Thursday, and we’ll be holding another after the holiday. The cuts haven’t been properly confirmed yet, so we’re waiting to hear what our fate is. It’s terrible.”

She added that the prospect of having to postpone her education to find a new college was extremely worrying.

“I’m still in my first year, and the uncertainty is making it really difficult to plan for the future. The is another college in Motherwell that runs a similar course, but that would involve relocating even further away to get an education. Doing this course has always been my dream, and it’s hard to imagine that it will come to an end if these cuts go through. Moving back home while searching for a new course would be a major step backwards.”

She added that the protests against cuts at the college had already gathered support, with voices from the world of showbusiness lining up to back students.

“Thus far our online petition has attracted a thousand and a half signatures, and we hope to receive more,” said Leanne.

The petition can be found at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/ savetheatreartsadamsmith/.