Ellon Primary appeal to the community

Ellon Primary School are appealing to the local community for help in coming up with fresh ideas for the future vision of the school.

Head teacher Veronica Cordiner told the Times: “We are holding a meeting at the school on Thursday, November 21, at 7pm, where we will look at the future vision of the school.

Ellon Primary School Headteacher Veronica Cordiner

Ellon Primary School Headteacher Veronica Cordiner

“We have invited members of the school community, widening it out, inviting leaders of community groups in Ellon.”

The school are hoping that the meeting will attract a lot of people who will go along and share their views.

Mrs Cordiner added: “We are hoping for as large a turnout as we can.

“The idea is that as a result of the meeting we will gather ideas about Ellon Primary and create a new vision and set of values.

“We want to ask within the Ellon community what Ellon Primary should look like in the future.

“We want to find out what values should we be instilling on future citizens of Ellon Primary and of course the pupils.”

The last set of values for the school were made around four years ago.

If you are unable to make the meeting and would like to make a suggestion please feel free to give the school a ring on the following number: 01358 720692.