Good news for Ellon IT learners

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LEARNERS at Ellon Library’s IT courses proved that it’s never too late to pick up a new skill, after a special presentation on Wednesday.

Participants in the latest series of classes were given certificates by course organisers, who also took the opportunity to introduce new tutors from Ellon Academy who have volunteered to share their IT skills.

Learner Support Tutor Jackie Coroon told the Times: “The youngsters in question have trained to become IT tutors for those who maybe don’t have as much confidence with computers as they like. The program pairs youngsters with those who want to learn more about using computers, so that the young people can share their knowledge and help those they’re teaching become more confident.

“Sometimes, those who come to the classes are mums who, perhaps, missed out on IT at schools, or jobhunters who want to apply for jobs online. In Ellon, though, it’s mostly older people who want to learn how to use the internet - even if that’s just to maintain a facebook page to communicate with their family.”

The scheme sees pupils at Ellon Academy awarded credits towards a Saltire Award for Volunteering through their tutoring.

“We’ve had great feedback from everyone involved,” said Jackie. “Both have gained a lot from the experience - the learners who are now confident computer users, and the tutors, who have built their own confidence.”