Hatton pupils tell litterbugs - go away!

BACK OFF: The unhappy pupils want the out of hours playground users to stay away.
BACK OFF: The unhappy pupils want the out of hours playground users to stay away.

Pupils from a Buchan school have asked members of the public to keep out of their playground out of hours.

Hatton School’s Eco Team recently wrote to the Times after they discovered that it wasn’t pupils making a mess of the playground, but people who went along and used the area at weekends and at night time.

Leading teacher of the Eco Team, Fiona Taylor, explained: “This year the Eco-Team decided they wanted to work on improving the playground, and the first issues which had to be resolved was litter.

“After some research we discovered that it wasn’t the pupils making a mess, but people who were using it at weekends and during late hours of the evening.

“Every Monday morning when I come into the school I spend time clearing up cigarette packets, lighters, bottles, broken glass, on some occasions vomit, and one time I came in to find I would have to clean up human faeces.”

In a bid to stamp out the littering and misuse of the playground, pupils have been busy creating posters to put around the area, warning others that the playground is a ‘Litter Free Zone’.

Members of the Eco Team told the Times that they were both sad and angry, they all joined the Eco Team to help both people and the environment.

One of the pupils said she would tell the culprits: “Stop leaving rubbish, and leave our playground alone. It’s not fair on us to have a messy playground and they are ruining our hard work to keep it clean.”

Aberdeenshire’s Crime Reduction Officer Andy Rankin said: “I suspect that local youths will be using the area as a gathering spot at weekends.”