Local rep sought for parent forum

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THE NATIONAL Parent Forum of Scotland (NFPS) is on the lookout for someone who can bring an Aberdeenshire angle to its national deliberations.

The forum, which was set up to give parents the opportunity to discuss and raise educational issues and concerns at a national level, seeks to work with organisations involved in education to represent parents in order to help every pupil achieve their potential.

Each local authority area across Scotland has at least one representative on the NPFS forum, which meets four times each year.

Chair of the National Parent Forum of Scotland Iain Ellis explained what the organisation was looking for,

“As the national representative body for parents and parent councils, we are seeking a new member for Aberdeenshire who will ensure that the voices of parents and parent councils in the Aberdeenshire area are heard at a national level”, he said.

“This is an exciting opportunity to further develop parental involvement and to share good practice across Scotland. We very much look forward to welcoming an Aberdeenshire parent representative who will join our lively and active organisation.”

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee Councillor Richard Stroud described the opening as an “excellent opportunity for parents to contribute to the educational agenda at a national level.

”With the changing landscape in local government funding and evolution of curriculum for excellence it’s an interesting time to get involved and allows parents across Scotland to discuss issues that matter to them and their children”, he said.

Vice chair Councillor Isobel Davidson added: “This forum is open to parent council members across Aberdeenshire who can join the national debate and share information.

”If you are passionate about shaping the way your child is educated I encourage you to join the forum.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with the NPFS should email parental.involvement@aberdeenshire.gov.uk in the first instance.

The second national conference of the National Parent Forum will be will be themed around ‘Curriculum for Excellence – One Year On’. Set to take place on October 1 at Bishopbriggs Academy, East Dunbartonshire, an online discussion will also take place from 26 September.

To book a place, please email lindsayjane.murray@educationscotland.gov.uk.