Meeting the woman behind the paintings

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A LOCAL artist whose works are studied by school children across the north east got to meet some of her young proteges on Monday.

Catriona Millar, who is currently exhibiting at the Tolquhon Art Gallery, greeted pupils from Udny Green at the gallery to answer questions about her works and inspiration.

Speaking to the Times, she said that she had been surprised to learn that pupils from schools in the north-east were studying her works, and that she was keen to speak to them on the topic.

“It’s a great privilege to speak to the youngsters about art,” she said. “Seeing the children’s beautiful responses to my paintings has affirmed my own feelings about my work. In a way they have acted as a thought provoking mirror.”

Husband Roddy Philips added that as far as they were aware, it was the first time locally that youngsters at school were studying the work of a living artist.

“It’s been really enlightening, and has actually had an impact on Catriona’s work - seeing how youngsters interpret her pieces,” he said. The children at Primary Schools in the Meldrum area were introduced to Catriona’s work by Art Visiting Specialist for Meldrum, Avril Hammond.

“The children found for themselves the humour and careful observation of detail inherent in the paintings,” said Avril.