Meiklemill Primary School Prizegiving Ceremony

TALENTED pupils at Meiklemill Primary were recognised at the school’s prizegiving on Wednesday, June 27.

The Sports Day Trophy - Esslemont; Team Sports Trophy - Craighall; Lunchtime Citizenship Shield - Esslemont; Endeavour Shield - Ythan.

Early Stages: Girl Champion for Craighall - Ellis Welsh; Girl Champion for Esslemont - Helena McPhail; Girl Champion for Ythan - Scarlett Wood; Boy Champion for Craighall - Joseph Clubb; Boy Champion for Esslemont - Finlay Manson; Boy Champion for Ythan - Brandon Leisk.

Upper Stages: Girl Champion for Craighall - Iona McLeod; Girl Champion for Esslemont - Allana Clark; Girl Champion for Ythan - Caitlin Budge; Boy Champion for Craighall - Daniel McGladrigan; Boy Champion for Esslemont - Ben Firth; Boy Champion for Ythan - Lewis Ross.

Overall Champions - Daniel McGladrigan (P7) and Iona McLeod (P6).

Other Awards - Playground Buddy Awards - Becky Cowan, Jodi Longden and Ellie Turk; Dunolly Star - Caitlyn Walburn; P6 Ski Star - Jade Findlay; Best Class Rep - Calum Urquhart; Star Award for Photography - Connor Rankine.