Meldrum Academy celebrates 10 years of teaching

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FIRST-YEAR pupils at Meldrum Academy celebrated their school’s tenth anniversary with a special time capsule burial last Friday.

Youngsters representing the school’s S1 classes were joined by social subjects teacher Lynn Massie and headmaster Andrew Travis for the ceremony, which took place at a spot near the rear of the school.

Pupils buried the capsule themselves in a pre-excavated hole, to the amusement of classmates watching from a nearby classroom window.

Social subjects teacher Lynn Massie told the Times that the container would be exhumed in 2022, so that Meldrum pupils of the future would be able to compare items, technology and events from our own time with theirs.

She said: “Among the items buried are news clippings covering the current events of the day, and a detailed iPhone specification list so that pupils in future will be able to compare their technology with ours.

”There’s also a school jumper, and a timetable so that the pupils of the future will be able to compare their curriculum to ours. It’ll be very interesting to see what has changed in ten years’ time!”

Pupil Elise said that she anticipated technology to have evolved significantly by the time the capsule is unearthed.

“Technology will probably be different,” she said. “Phones and cameras will be much better in ten years.”