Meldrum Academy’s 10th anniversary

MELDRUM Academy has been enjoying a bit of nostalgia to mark its 10th anniversary.

The school opened its doors in August, 2002, and has been organising a series of events to mark the landmark occasion.

Last Friday and Saturday featured an Open Afternoon and Open Morning involving displays of photographs, newspaper articles, year books, schools shows and end of term presentations.

A group of parents, staff and friends of the school also made a commemorative wall hanging by sewing individual squares with 10 being the theme.

Morna Ingram, network librarian, said: “We went through the archives and selected some photos from each year. We also chose a lot of photos and put them on the screen in the hall.

“We looked out old newsletters, successes and achievements the school has had over the years.

“It was a question of looking in the archives - what could we find to show what Meldrum Academy has done over the 10 years.”

Head teacher Andrew Travis said: “It’s a tremendous display. We’ve opened the archives and found things that are funny, things that are interesting, captivating, that reflect the last 10 years of the school.

“When we opened the archives we found that we were almost called Garioch Academy at one time.”

As part of the celebrations a sellout concert featuring Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain was organised last month by the Parent Council.