Peterhead secondment for Rector Tim

Ellon Academy Rector Tim McKay is set to be seconded to take over at Peterhead Academy, as part of a reshuffle which will see Peterhead’s Rector take over at Turriff Academy.

The move was announced by Aberdeenshire Council’s Education Director as part of a series of personnel changes which she hopes will enhance the leadership and management of schools in the north of Aberdeenshire, as well as creating greater opportunities for current depute headteachers.

Mr McKay’s secondment, which will last until August 2012, will release current Peterhead Rector Susan Ramsden to move to Turriff Academy, which has been without a Rector since October. A new headteacher will be recruited for Peterhead over that period, while interviews to appoint an acting Rector for Ellon will also take place shortly.

Mr McKay will remain involved in the development of the new Ellon Academy Community School throughout his secondment and will work alongside the Acting Rector to maintain and develop the strategic direction of the school.

Director of Education Maria Walker said: “Our headteachers have immense knowledge and understanding of education issues and the communities in which they are based.

“I think this is a great opportunity for headteachers to take their skills into a new environment, constructively challenging what’s gone before and seeing how things can be done differently.

“I know that both Susan and Tim are very excited at the opportunities ahead. Peterhead, Turriff and Ellon Academies are all supported by hard working management teams who are keen to deliver the best education opportunities for their children and young people and see this as an exciting way to stimulate new ideas and lead these schools in the future.”