Purple Pinkie Day at Udny

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PUPILS at Udny Primary celebrated the ongoing eradication of polio on Friday, with a series of ‘Purple Pinkie’ themed events.

Purple Pinkie Day is designed to highlight the ongoing work of Rotary international across the world immunising populations against polio. Though efforts have been hugely successful in most countries, there remain pockets of the disease in countries including Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, wher epoverty and instability make it difficult to treat.

‘Purple Pinkie Day’ draws its name from the purple dye applied to the fingers of those who have had the vaccination to mark them as safe from polio.

Headmistress Susan Hoog told the Times that the days events would help vaccinate people in India.

“We’ve got a selection of cakes with purple icing in our community café, there’s facepainting for the youngsters, and everyone is wearing purple. There’s lots going on with a purple theme, including purple painting and poetry.”