‘Sale’ of former playgroup toys

A SALE with a difference will be held in Ellon on Saturday.

It has resulted from the closure of Ellon Community Centre playgroup and 2’s group last year.

Although Community Learning and Development are continuing to use the rooms formerly occupied by the groups as a family resource - there is a significant surplus of toys and equipment suitable for using in pre-school groups.

All the equipment belongs to the Ellon Community Development Group, who will be giving local pre-school groups in the Ellon area the chance to obtain the toys for a suggested donation price.

Sally Sheehan, community learning and development worker at Ellon’s Ythan Centre, said they were hoping for a good response on Saturday.

She told the Times: “It was sad when the playgroup closed because it had been running for 30 years.

“However, there is some great equipment which has just been sitting there and hopefully now it will be put to good use in the Ellon area.”

The “sale” will take place in the Boys Gym in the Old Academy building starting at 10am.

Representatives from bona fide groups are being invited to come along and discover what is on offer.

Sally added: “The toys will be displayed on tables with a suggested price and groups will be asked to make a suitable offer for them.

“All the donations will back into community funds again.

“There are some fabulous toys and we want them to be used, not sitting in cupboards.”

It is hoped that many groups in the Ellon area will get the benefit of the former playgroup’s equipment.

The intention is for the funds raised from Saturday’s event to be used for family resource in the town.